COVID-19 Information

An important message regarding covid19

To the Middle Market Alliance of Long Island:

If any great insight has come from our experience of this organization so far, it is most clearly that we are a community.  We are a community with common goals and aspirations and perfectly diverse methods of working towards those goals.

While the Novel COVID—19 virus is a global problem, the MMALI sees it from Long Island outward.  The business community that we all have strived so hard to help flourish and grow is now facing what undoubtedly is the most critical crisis that we have faced together.

First, the Board of Directors of the MMALI offers its support and best wishes to you and your families.

Second, our website will be populated by relevant business-centric articles from time to time that deal with the current crisis; we believe there are multiple resources for health information and that is not our focus (though clearly a personal concern) and we refer you to those (such as the CDC) for that information.

Third, we are in the process of developing programming consistent with historical quality levels focused on helping you navigate this crisis and emerge from it successfully.  We anticipate launching this programming as soon as the all-clear is given.

Lastly, our Board encourages you to reach out to us individually; each of us has expertise that will inevitably be valuable to you as we all work through this, whether as professionals, referral sources or just experienced, like-minded businesswomen and businessmen.

Please check our website from time to time for updates and we wish you all the best.

Very truly yours,

The Board of Directors of the Middle Market Alliance of Long Island, Inc